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Hungary completes second fence to keep out migrants News DW 28 Apr 2017 Hungarian officials have argued that the new fence will secure both Hungary and Ungarn Zaun an der Grenze zu Serbien (picture alliance/dpa/EPA/S. U. It comes after Budapest imposed mandatory detention for people

Migrants Race North as Hungary Builds a Border Fence - The New 25 Aug 2015 Image. Migrants waited after being detained by Hungarian police on Sunday after An influx of people, many of them fleeing wars in Iraq, Syria and Paradoxically, far from deterring the migrants, Hungary's fence may

Hungary MPs approve border fence and anti-migrant law - BBC News 7 Jul 2015 Hungarian MPs pass legislation to give the government the power to close the borders to all migrants and build a border fence. camp in Debrecen, Hungary. Photo: 1 July 2015 The government says about 72,000 migrants have entered the country so far this year, compared with 43,000 people in 2014.

Far-right Hungarian mayor boasts of success of border fence Daily 2 May 2018 2015: Hungary put up razor wire fence along Croatia border People moved here for a calm life and they destroyed this calmness.' .. Cardi B posts heartwarming photo of baby daughter Kulture's hands Tender touch as

Hungary Asks EU to Pay Half the Cost of Anti-migrant Fence 1 Sep 2017 FILE - A police officer with a dog patrols the border fence on the Hungarian-Serbian border near Roszke, 180 kms southeast of Budapest,

Hungary builds new high-tech border fence - with few migrants in 2 Mar 2017 A daunting new barrier is beginning to loom over Hungary's southern for hundreds of thousands of people trekking into Europe at the height of the FILE PHOTO: The sun rises at the Hungary and Serbia border fence near

Hungary built a razor-wire fence to keep refugees out. Now, it's 11 Jul 2016 Hungary built a razor-wire fence to keep refugees out. Now Consequently, as in much of Eastern Europe, the nation's population is declining

Hungary to Build (Another) Border Fence – Foreign Policy 24 Feb 2017 (Photo by Arpad Kurucz/Getty Images) Janos Lazar, Orban's chief of staff, billed the new fence as “a second line of defense” 7, the Hungarian government said such people would be held in camps along the southern

Hungary completes new anti-migrant border fence with Serbia 28 Apr 2017 Hungary says it has finished building a second fence on the border with of the year only 165 people have crossed the Hungarian border “illegally”. Serbian border

Hungarian border barrier - Wikipedia In 2015, Hungary built a border barrier on its border with Serbia and Croatia. The fence was constructed during the European migrant crisis (see timeline), with

Migrants on Hungary's border fence: 'This wall, we will not accept it 22 Jun 2015 Hungary plans a 4 metre-high fence along 110-mile border with Serbia to stop plans to stop people like Selim and Hussein – by building a four-metre high fence along its 110-mile and on his right wrist, an image of a ship.

Hungary's border fence is not working too well Public Radio 27 Aug 2015 Migrants cl under a fence at the Hungarian-Serbian border near many are calling Europe's largest influx of people since World War II.

Hungary's border war on refugees Europe Al Jazeera 1 Apr 2016 It will just push people to neighbouring borders [Sorin Furcoi/Al Jazeera] On the Serbian side of the Hungarian border fence that lines the 175-kilometre border between the two countries, "Don't take a picture of the tent.

Refugee crisis: Hungary completes fence with Croatia border to 15 Oct 2015 Refugees arrive at the Hungarian border fence Photo: AP Photo/Matthias Schrader, Hungary started building its fence near the Beremend crossing point This diverted the flow of people desperately fleeing war and poverty

Hungary planning 'massive' new border fence to keep out refugees 27 Aug 2016 Hungary is planning a new and even “more massive” fence to prevent refugees from How Hungary welcomes its refugees - in pictures . allowing the uncontrolled entry of large numbers of people “from areas where Europe

EU rejects Hungary's demand to finance border fence - EUobserver 1 Sep 2017 Hungarian police caught some 4,500 people trying to cross its border with Serbia in the first four months of this year. (Photo: Stephen Ryan / IFRC) "We are not financing the construction of fences or barriers at the external

Massive border fence in Hungary is 'protecting' people, mayor says 3 May 2018 This massive border fence is 'protecting' Hungarians, a mayor has claimed (Picture: Getty). The far-right mayor of a town in Hungary has said

Serbian NGO says electric 'smart fence' violates human rights The 5 Jul 2017 Hungary's move of testing an electrified “smart fence” on the border with Serbia Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Délmagyarország/Schmidt Andrea insist that the voltage running in the fence is so low it cannot hurt people,

The Speaking Fence Anthropology Now 22 Jan 2018 By now, the Hungarian fence consists mostly of a double structure, the . as the police assiduously upload pictures and videos of the people

Hungary: Three villages and the fence that divides them Politics Al 10 Jul 2016 But, today, a four-metre wire fence along the Hungary-Serbia border Some people cross, presenting their identification documents to the

Germany blasted in Hungary over claims country's fence SAVED 29 Sep 2016 Fence stopped migrants reaching EU, Hungary claims Getty Images system allowed people with a legitimate claim to asylum to enter the

Hungarian Border 'Smart Fence' Violates Rights, Says NGO 4 Jul 2017 After Belgrade media reported that the Hungarian government is testing an electrified border fence to deter migrants, a Serbian NGO said the move was a violation of human rights. Photo: Wikimedia/Délmagyarország/Schmidt Andrea. the electricity is low, at 900 volts, so “it can't seriously hurt people”.

Hungary builds new border fence as rights groups protest 27 Feb 2017 EU urged to stop Hungary tightening rules claimed to contravene usually by paying people smugglers – now camp by the fence before being

In Hungary, one fence came down, another went up - Reuters 5 Apr 2018 BACSSZENTGYORGY, Hungary (Reuters) - During her long life, Terez Majsztrovics During the harshest days of Stalinism, Hungary built a fence along the border, Slideshow (12 Images) These people now are different.

Hungary Is Winning Its War on Muslim Immigrants - Bloomberg 13 Apr 2018 International pressure won't soften Hungarian hearts. The only Photographer: Attila Kisbenedek/AFP/Getty Images according to Hungarian police data, 9,136 people were "escorted" to the other side of the fence last year.

Behind the Iron Fence: Why Hungary's Anti-Migrant Fence Will Be a 28 Jul 2015 Behind the Iron Fence: Why Hungary's Anti-Migrant Fence Will Be a Disaster ANDREJ ISAKOVIC via Getty Images led to a staggering increase in the amount of people who are seeking protection in the European Union.

Migrant crisis: Hungary seeks support for new border fence 26 Sep 2015 Hungarian soldiers build a temporary razor-wire fence at the border fence – and Zagreb has urged Belgrade to slow the flow of people,